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Travertine is a form of massive calcium carbonate natural stone resulting from sedimentation of rivers and springs. Though it has holes, it is a dense and closely compacted form of limestone. It is a perfect material for residential and commercial use, being an architectural reference. The Coliseum of Rome is a perfect example of great Architecture.


Marble is the most extravagant Natural Stone. It is luxurious and cultural symbol of architectural refinement. The beauty of which lasts for generations, just like the great Taj Mahal in India and the Parthenon in Greece, the opulence of which still echoes in our heart.


This exotic natural stone is about luxury and glamour. It is an exquisite and unique stone and has a property to transmit light. The peculiarly translucent nature of Onyx permits for effusive lighting arrangaments and a valuable tool for creating a special mood. Onyx in early usage was conscripted to be carved and sculpted into art and jewelry. It eventually found its way to more artictic and creative ornamentation of classic as well as modern architecture, embellishing the grandiose facades of the Ancient Greeks and Romans.


Limestone is a specimen of quality architectural expression. This sedimentary rock is very commonly used in construction, especially in Europe and North America. It is long lasting and its ability to wishstand, even in exposure to adverse weather conditions, make it dependable architectural source. Limestone has been used in some of the worlds foremost monuments, including the Great Pyramid in Egypt.


Granite is a signature rock of the planet earth. Other rocky planets like Mercury, Venus and Mars are covered with basalt, Earth has this attractive and interesting rock. Granite is strong and its strength can be attributed to its acute density acquired during slow cooling of magma. Granite takes good polish and resist weathering very well. This makes granite desirable for building and ornamental purposes.


Sandstone is a clastic sedimentary rock composed mainly of sand-sized minerals or rock grains. Most sandstone is composed of quartz and/or feldspar because these are the most common minerals in the Earth's crust. Owing to their natural beauty, sandstones are used for interior as well as exterior decoration including flooring, paving, cladding walls and floors.

Natural Stone

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